A Game Of Chess

You’re on the sales call and as you sit across your potential client looking eye to eye, you have now walked into a game of chess.

Understand this whether you are new to the game or a seasoned veteran, before you place one foot into your prospect’s door, they have been walking through scenario after scenario within their mind. They have built a wall, loaded their cannon with every known objection they could think of and already convinced themselves to think about the offer before making a decision. Through the 23 years in sales, if I could clone a salesperson who I envision would learn how to sell a product or service and how to overcome objections…it would be a business owner. They have been exposed to salespeople since day one of opening the doors to their business and plugging in their phone into the outlet in their wall. Keeping that in mind, this would motivate any smart salesperson to implement a game plan. Never walk into an appointment thinking that your God given talents is all you need because that is the furthest from the truth. Don’t get me wrong, I understand approach, personality and confidence go a long way but you attain confidence by being prepared. Failure to plan is planning to fail as we all know.

So you already planned for the objections and so has the customer. My number one rule of thumb is to remove the objections before they come up. How do you do that? As you’re engaging with your “opponent” by asking questions, you can intertwine a statement that will remove the objection. An example of this would be, “John you know as well as I do, business owners would buy from salespeople all day and all night if that salesperson brought something of value that would provide a solution right?” By doing this, you’re gaining their agreement and as long as you highlight the value of your product or service and you remind them what you both agreed upon, the objection rarely will come up or if it does later in the sales call-it’s powerless now.

I’ve learned that having answers to all the prospect’s objection is not the best advantage point. Think about you and your spouse get in a heated conversation and you seem to always try to prove a point or come out with answers at the top of your head…it rarely turns out well and the same rule applies to a sales call and that’s why you must remove the objections before you make your next move. Now the objections have been addressed, how do you get one step closer to winning the game?

Once you’ve identified the client’s needs it’s now time to unveil your solution and why they need to do business with you. The best way to position this is to always let them know based off what they mentioned earlier in the sales call, you believe you have a solution that will help them to achieve their business objectives and goals. Then I talk about the solution and how it’s helped other businesses and give them real data, share some success stories and get them to experience the potential results of a mutual partnership. A strategy I’ve used on many sales calls is I let the decision maker know that whether they buy from me or another company, the information that we’ve covered will give them a better idea on what they need to do in order to grow their business. The truth of the matter is whether they buy from you or not, they will still be in business and you will still be in business as well. This takes your confidence and conviction to a whole new level. The client buys into it and it’s something that few salespeople would ever say because most are trying to sell their product to hard while bashing the competition. CHECKMATE!


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