First Date Failure-Sales Call

Remember when you made the decision to put yourself out there in the dating scene hoping to find Mr. or Ms. Right? I’m sure you can scroll through the dates and a few stand out whether it took place at a memorable location, you had the best food at an amazing restaurant or you had a once in a lifetime experience. Whatever it is you experienced whether good or bad…you remember and you will always remember. What stands out the most to me usually comes down to the conversation. Was there chemistry or wasn’t there? Did the conversation have a natural flow or was it forced or worse yet were you just there to observe a one-sided chat session? The infamous one-sided conversation that many of us experienced at some point in our lives. You find yourself trying to prevent the yawns and nods from happening so you force out that pain filled smile and turn your head slightly to the side like scruffy does when he’s laying on the couch and he hears you call his name.

Although we’ve been on the receiving end…some of us now have become that annoying “Andy or Angela” disaster date. Those of us who chose sales as our profession understand what I am talking about. When meeting with a qualified prospect understand that the first call will leave a lasting impression whether good or bad. I’ve been on too many calls where the sales rep is talking about all the great products and services that we offer and why they should do business with us and that’s supposed to seal the deal? Not even close. Just as we would extend the FAKE SMILE and remember the manners we were taught growing up, your prospect will do the same.

So what does this mean to you? A prolonged sales cycle and the friendly brush off which comes in many forms and fashions that leaves reps scratching their heads during their weekly forecast meetings. So what’s the secret? There is no secret. “Ask and it will be given to you, seek and you will find!” 

The key to doing business no matter what industry you’re in is asking questions that matter. What is important to your prospect? What keeps them up at night? What are their short and long term goals? So how many questions should you ask and what are the right questions? Put yourself in your prospect’s shoes. Keep in mind that you are a physician in your profession. You would never prescribe without a diagnosis and commit malpractice so why do it in sales?


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