Prospecting With A Purpose

Your weekend is coming to an end and you start to dread the break of dawn come Monday because you know what that means. The “P” word comes into play and to be honest, you are not looking forward to it at all. Whether you call it cold calling, prospecting, watering or cultivating it’s not on the Top 10 reasons why salespeople love the sales industry. Now, don’t get me wrong, there are some folks out there that claim to love prospecting and it’s not that I don’t believe them…it’s just that to the 99.9% of people that are doing it on a daily basis if they had a choice to go without doing it yet still hit their new business objective then I’m sure they would choose not to do it.

How are you prospecting? Are you shooting from the hip and just rolling up your sleeves and jumping in the trenches or are you sorting out lead groups in Salesforce by street or verticals? The secret behind making the most out of prospecting is to do it with a “purpose!” What do I mean? Are you prospecting because it’s something you need to do so you can make your commission or are you doing it because you are convinced that the product or service you have to offer serves a greater purpose in solving your prospects concerns, challenges and needs? Hopefully the latter. You need to understand that prospecting even in a virtual world is one of the most important pieces to your overall success in your career or it can be the cancer in your career.

So let’s address prospecting with a purpose. In order to prospect with a purpose, you need to prep and plan. If you are working off a list of prospects or potential clients, before you step foot in their door make sure you do your due diligence and pull up information that doesn’t necessarily talk about your product but does address their business, their market and some success stories. I like to relate the prospecting to appointment setting experience as a cut or wound you get as a kid. Think about kids when they scratch or cut themselves. They are in so much pain so the first thing they ask for is a band-aid. Even though the band-aid doesn’t stop the pain, to kids they believe it makes it feel better. In order for that cut to heal, you need to tear off the band-aid and let it air out. The same rule applies to needs of a business owner. The band-aid they wear is represented as objections and in order to provide your potential clients with the best service, you need to rip off that band-aid and expose the wound.

I have spent 16 years in the digital space selling online products and services that help businesses attract new clients. One of our main products we sell are websites for small to medium-sized businesses. Now I can tell you, our industry is super competitive and business owners have many choices and many companies, small agencies and large companies they can choose from. Here is an example of how I prospect with a purpose. I will pull up an organic search for their specific product or service and see if they show up on the first page or even second page of google then I will do the same on a mobile phone since most online consumers search from their mobile device and finally I will use the Google keyword planner to show the client their market opportunity on their main keyword phrases. This is all I need to be able to give them a reason why I am there and the benefit in giving me some of their time.

Hi what’s you name? Nice to meet you. My name is Brandon. I made it a priority to stop by and introduce myself because there have been some major changes recently online which ultimately effects how this business is represented and found. Are you aware of the latest changes on mobile? Of course they might mention that they know everyone searches on their mobile phones but that’s obvious. So what I’ll do is start imputing a search in my phone and then hand them the phone. Here, let me show you something (get the phone in their hand) Do you know any of these businesses that are showing up on the page view when I put in printing companies in Orange County, Ca? Well the good news is as a consumer I have many options to choose from but for you as a business owner competing in the space, you currently aren’t an option. Were you aware of that? What you should be even more concerned about is that there are 1600 searches every month on Google alone and I’m sure this won’t shock you but 60% of those searches are derived from a mobile phone. By you not having a mobile site, you are willing closing the doors to 60% of your market potential. Think about it this way, as we speak right now there are online consumers looking for a product or service you provide and you’re not there. You agree it’s important to be an option when your potential clients are looking online correct? Great…so let’s go ahead and talk about what you would like to accomplish online, talk about some of your business objectives and then I can explain how I can provide a solution that will fit in line with your goals.

As you can see from my example above, prospecting with a purpose provides a greater depth of substance. By following this technique, you will spend less time on burning through leads and more time focusing on the quality of each prospect. To learn more about how to apply this technique to your current industry, reach out to me directly at


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