Attitude Determines Altitude

One of the greatest lessons that I learned in my sales career was from one of my mentors back in the mid 90’s. We were reviewing all the sales reps earnings reports and I noticed some of the biggest increases from salespeople that made $40,000 the year prior and $80,000 the next year then noticed top selling sales reps that made $110,000 year after year. Why is this?

Master the mind…the money will follow. Attitude determines Altitude. This is a quality that the most successful sales professionals in any industry possess. Think about why you have peaks and valleys and when you have peaks normally it’s because your actions and results are normally aligned with your attitude. There’s a saying that sales come in pairs and I truly believe this is the case. You can have the strongest skill set but if your attitude is crappy then guess what… no one is going to buy from you. Strategy is something that sales professionals focus on but common sense is a quality that sometimes gets pushed aside. So how do you “mind your own business?”

Attitude of Gratitude

Minding your own business is making it a priority that every morning you wake up, you figure out what to be thankful for. I used to teach my sales reps the first step in giving yourself a check up from the neck up is looking around you the moment you open your eyes because you were given another day to live and those that are dear to you were given another day as well. When you open your eyes, are you grateful that you have a roof over your head and food on the table. Yes, I know it’s a pay off due to your amazing sales career you built for yourself so why wouldn’t you have an amazing attitude knowing that some people in this world wake up to a world that is turned upside down whether their health takes a turn for the worse or something unimaginable happens. Call it what you want, this is not a speech about God or a higher power but it is what it is and you need to have an attitude of gratitude.

The Financial Foundation

The next step is your attitude needs to reflect the “Financial Foundation” you have establishing a career in one of the most important professions in existence. Keep in mind, you are in a profession that the only thing that stops you from making tons of money is you! You are not stuck in a minimum wage job somewhere like so many people are today. Don’t get me wrong, I believe people do what they have to do in order to survive but I also believe that if some of those very people had a different mindset, they could turn a minimum wage job into a well paying career. It’s all about the mindset and having the attitude that determines the altitude. Back to the Financial Foundation…do you realize that if you want to give yourself a 20% raise in your earnings all you have to do is make the decision to do so, create a plan and execute that plan flawlessly? That is the beauty of sales.

In everything you do understand that before you can set a goal and achieve a goal, your mind needs to be committed to that plan. The mind will empower you to execute or will cause you to make excuses so the next time you catch yourself with sub par results, do yourself a favor as well as your peers, friends and family…give yourself a check up from the neck up and “mind your own business” and remember that your attitude determines your altitude.


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