I Need To Think About It

How many times in your career have you heard a client say this after you have presented your product or service to them? This happens in any industry, some more than others but there are ways to overcome this objection and also to minimize the amount of times you hear this on a sales call. It is called the “Infamous Slow No.”

Setting the Expectation-In the Beginning

The best way to avoid hearing this after you have invested your time with a potential client or prospect at the end of a sales call is to set the agenda or better “set the expectation” up in the beginning of the sales call. So many times, sales professionals dive deep into the waters yet they didn’t take the time to ask themselves, “What if I can’t swim?” By that time, it’s too late and anything you say or do will just be suspect by that time and you now can classify that call as an official “time waster” appointment. Having one of those here and there is not bad but when you don’t change this -it begins to weigh heavily on your shoulders and this can effect your game dramatically. So set the expectation by letting your prospect know what to expect on the call such as learning about their business or needs, discussing some of the changes in the market and what and how that effects them directly and then let them know you are going to talk about your business and solution. Oh and by the way, ask if there is anyone else that makes the decision that needs to be on the call with them!!! Finally, if everything makes sense and they see the value of what you have to offer, you are going to ask for their business at the end of the call. Sound fair? You will get two responses…the first response which you will hopefully get is, “okay sounds fair!” and the next is I don’t make on the spot decisions which is not necessarily a bad thing to hear as well but at least you know how much information to put out on your call and the angle you need to use to approach that particular sales call.

Take Them Back to the Good Ole Days-End of Call

You have just delivered one of your best presentations, you asked all the right questions and provided tons of value on the sales call and even used test closes throughout the entire call yet he/she still comes back with, “Let me think about it!” I call this “The Good Ole Days Close!” Everybody loves reminiscing about the good ole’ days even 21 Pilots wishes they could turn back time to the Good Ole Days! Take them there to turn their state of mind from a defensive stance to an offense and inviting stance. “John, I totally know where you’re coming from. Every good decision made in someone’s life took a certain level of thought to move forward but also keep in mind, that every good and right decision that was made was done so because of the value and meaning behind it. Think about when you started dating or got married and had kids, bought a house or maybe even the seadoos you ride every summer in Laughlin. The only way you have experienced those very memorable times in your life has been due to making a decision to move forward with it. I realize most of my clients today at one point or another had reservations or questions they needed answered in order to move forward. What is your biggest reservation that stopping you from moving forward today? Let them direct you on the question that needs to be answered in order for you to use a clearing statement and overcome the objection.

This are very effective to use on a sales call, one sets the expectation and the other disturbs their complacency and changes their mindset by emotionally taking them back to the good ole days. For more information on how to apply this technique to your industry reach out to me directly at onlineprofessional@icloud.com .


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