If You Want Change…Change The Want

It’s human nature to want and wanting is okay. I remember when I was 13, my life was consumed with skating (skateboarding.) Everyone had the newest Powell & Peralta board but those things weren’t cheap. I remember telling my mom that I wanted to buy a new Alva deck with Independent Trucks, Swiss bearings and Crossbones wheels. Before I could even finish telling her what I wanted, she started shaking her head in disbelief and told me I needed to work for it and save the money. Okay. Once you buy me what I want, I will work for it. I was so lost back then. She asked me how much everything was going to be which to me, I had closed the deal right then and there. After doing the calculation, the grand total before taxes because taxes weren’t in my vocabulary back then, it was going to be $190. Now, I knew the look turned from disbelief to straight out 5150 status. She thought I was nuts and maybe I was but I really wanted my skateboard. My mom didn’t have a lot of money seeing how she was a single mom, raising two boys who had expensive taste with all our newest hobbies. Although she would have given us the world, this was out of the picture. The conversation was dropped but in my head I was waiting for her to sit on the idea of how she was going to come up with the money to help her youngest son (me) embrace this hobby of mine. Dinner passed, dessert passed, breakfast passed and still no response on the skateboard so I followed up and once again asked my mom when we could get my board. She looked and me and told me she spoke with my Dad about how I could get the board. Nice…Mom and Dad are going to split the costs and get my board!

Not even close, that summer it took me two weeks to put a fence around his house. When I say put a fence up, I mean we built a fence, the beams, dug holes, screwed in bolts, hammered in nails and put that thing up around his house. This is not how I envisioned getting the board I wanted but since I’m writing about it right now, it obviously left an impression in my life. So what was the lesson I learned and how does it apply to this forty one year old sales professional?

If you really want something bad enough, the want is never enough if it is only an intention. The last time I checked intentions were worth a whole lot and they never produced a return. Sales professionals are a very unique breed of people. Although we love the rewards, we reap from the commissions we make-we sometimes forget that it takes hard work! You have to be willing to want something so bad, that it keeps you up at night and it drives you all day before you close your eyes. Everyone wants something but if you want it, you must claim it, own it and name it.

“If you want change, you must change the want!” brandon kuramoto

You see change is just a word until there is a desired outcome! What is it that you want to change? Are you going to continue to want to change it or will you? Whether you want to be a better husband, wife, father, mother, sales professional, friend or flat out a better person…it cannot happen until you change the level of want.


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