Why Salespeople Fail Then Fall

There you are sitting right in front of the prospect. You can smell the sweet aroma of your prospect pulling out their credit card or check book and that’s when the adrenaline releases and you begin to think about “the CLOSE!” You’re looking in the eyes of the prospect and they are looking back…it’s a stare off! Who’s going to look away first…who’s the first one to speak? The client opens his mouth and just as you celebrate your victory, he calmly says,”I’m interested but I need more time to think about it.” What did he say? More time to think about it? Let’s do this now! Well at least that is what you’re thinking as he begins to sit back in his chair and you slowly drop your head in defeat. Your first reaction is to dig deep in the rolodex of your objection overcoming lyrics and you bounce back with, “John, the product I have can help you tremendously with your business goals. You seemed excited when we talked about how you only needed two new clients per month to make back your investment so let’s get the ball rolling and get you up and running.”  You can sense John is right on the edge of buying but everything you are spitting out doesn’t seem to be working. After multiple attempts only to get shot down, you give in and let John know that you will follow-up with him in a few days. As you begin to gather up your belongings, the dark cloud of rejection begins to form over your head and all confidence you had is now deflated. The words of your experience in sales tells you not to take it personal but deep inside you begin to get down on yourself you are pissed off.



Even with some of the most seasoned sales reps, rejection can become a game killer for some many sales people no matter what industry you’re in. Throughout my career, I have seen some of the most successful sales people fail then fall and they never seem to reach their glory days ever again. What happened and where did they fail? If majority of seasoned sales people know that rejection is a part of the game and it is a daily occurrence if you are hustling everyday then why do so many people fail? Is it rejection? Are you missing sales objectives? Is it outside influences such as family and friends? What is it?

I’ve been in sales for 23 years since i was 18 years old, fresh out of school. After selling multiple products, multiple services and holding multiple positions in the sales industry, I believe I have the answer. The number one reason why so many sales people fail is because they are “ripe!” Like the old saying goes when you’re green you grow, when you’re ripe you rot. How can this be the answer you may ask? It’s simple. Think of when you entered the realm of sales. You didn’t know any better so when objections came, they rolled off of your shoulders because you were told that’s what you should do. You earned to learn and you spent endless hours working on your craft, learning how to turn information into conviction and you were a sponge of the game. Take the time right now to pause and remember those days.

Refreshing huh? Hopefully it brings a smile to your face and gives you the chills just thinking about it. Where did it all go sideways? The day you turned passion into a piss poor attitude and your turned drive into complacency is the day it began to take over your sales soul. You see, if you lose the love, you lose yourself. It’s just like a relationship-you either work at it by watering it or you’re room mate status which we know how that ends. So let’s get back to what strips you from the one true love.

  • Rejection-Why do you let a two letter word ruin your day, your month, your year, your career and sometimes your life? You will either give fuel to the fire and put power in that word or you can use the “NO” as an opportunity to learn, grow, strategize and better yourself as a SALES NINJA! You control the controllable. You may not be able to control their reaction but you can control your action.


  • Missing Sales Objectives-Majority of sales people experience the highs and lows in any industry. It does happen. What are you doing or should I ask, what are you not doing to hit your sales objectives. For every action there is an equal or opposite reaction which is called “Cause and Effect.” If you are not setting specific goals, making big moves and inspecting what you are expecting then you are going to miss your goals. When runners run…isn’t there a finish line. In most competitive sports there is a goal involved. The same rule applies to any sales profession. Remember sales objectives is the minimum so if you’re just aiming for the minimum, most of the times you will fall short or hit the minimum. Think of a stretch goal and live to accomplish it with all costs. By doing this, you’ll create the BAR!


  • Outside Influences-Family and friends can be the best support system in your career or they will be the thorn in your side but understand where that fine line is. Keep in mind you and your attitude that you bring home is the reflection of what they will perceive. If you complain, come home in a crappy mood and treat your loved ones like trash then guess what Einstein? Yes, they will hate the source of what’s turning you into the person they are beginning to despise. Protect your passion and come home everyday with the same attitude as if you made the biggest sale that day and you will have one less thing to worry about. You wouldn’t hate your wife, husband or kids if they did something wrong. You would forgive and forget, loving them for their inperfections and all so do the same with your other love. True Sales Professionals protect, embrace and hold this Industry on a pedistol.

In closing sales people don’t have to fail and fall. In the words of the great Sparky Anderson, “Success isn’t something that just happens, success is learned, success is practiced then it is shared. I wish you success in this crazy profession that we all chose to give our lives to. Treat it with respect, love it, learn from it and you will reap the great rewards it has to offer.


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