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Belief Breeds Buyers

Whether you are interested in getting into sales, you just started in the sales industry or you’ve been in the industry for a very long time…one of the greatest sales qualities you could ever possess in any sales industry would be belief in your product, belief in the value it provides to your clients and belief in your company or organization. Without belief you are just a solicitor annoying every business owner you come across. How can you possible convince a business owner to buy into your product or services if you can’t buy into your own product or service? There is the Law of Transference which says your emotional state can be transferred to another person. So if you lack belief or conviction, everyone you come across will feel the same way. This is one law or rule you cannot fake.

You see belief is more than being educated on a product or service, belief is having passion and conviction about the value that your product or services brings to the marketplace. Business owners not only deserve but they expect the best of what you have to bring. If you are not bringing your A game then you’re better off not meeting with business owners. I have witnessed first hand, clients that were sold by the result of a half-ass sales presentation by an unbelieving sales professional and even though the original sale was made, it was soon cancelled which not only frustrated the client but the rep was frustrated and I was frustrated. In most industries if you lose a client through bad service whether misrepresenting the company, over promising and under delivering or just flat out not selling the product correctly, it takes years for you to regain that specific clients interest ever again even if you sell a different product at a later date. So is it worth it? Due to the amount of competition in the market the person who has the deepest understanding and greater product knowledge will normally have a greater influence on the client or potential client. Belief is powerful and it makes you an authority in your field.

I’ll take people who have conviction and belief in what they do and their product any day over someone who is talented as crazy as that sounds. I’ve built many sales teams in different sales organizations and the sales professionals who experienced long term success were the ones who zeroed in on learning the product, being sold on it and delivering it with passion. If you hit are experiencing challenges on a sales call, try recording your sales presentation and see how believable it is. Would you buy from you?