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Feel, Felt, Found Technique

Objections are a given on any sales call in any sales profession but it’s how you overcome them that matters the most. Which technique do you use to get the client to give you the okay to move forward and close them? One of the oldest techniques taught by all the sales coaches and trainers is the FEEL, FELT, FOUND technique. This technique has been used by millions of sales professionals across the globe and even though it’s a classic by putting a modern spin on this technique, not only will it flow better but business owners won’t pick up on it as a sales technique.


“It sounds good and all but I really can’t justify spending $2000 on your product. Money is tight right now and I have to be wise where my budget is spent.”


John, I totally get where you’re coming from. Being a small business it’s crucial to make good business decisions…


It’s a common concern from business owners I speak to on a daily basis. Just a few days ago, I was talking to Carl from ABC company. I had recommended one of our larger programs that start at a $3500 investment and he was a bit taken back by the investment because he had a few other priorities that he needed to think about…


But, after going over his potential ROI and sharing some of our client testimonials, he realized that the product we are offering to businesses like his and yours which is similar, he would easily make his investment back with only 2 jobs! He moved forward with our larger program and now he’s glad he did. 

Many sales people deliver the feel, felt, found technique as it is rather than using it as a foundation to build on. The next time you are on a sales call and you encounter those objections, try it out.