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Killing Time Wasters

Sales professionals in multiple industries ask me all the time about what they can do to avoid time wasters. If you could find more time to increase prime time selling hours, wouldn’t you make more money and increase your job joy? The biggest struggle for most sales people is the “chase” and constant follow up. Follow up is important but following up with your right audience is time well spent yet the others should never have been included in your pipeline.

There is a big difference between pipeline and pipe dream!

Here is the biggest time waster which you have complete control over.

Qualifying prospects

This is a hot topic for me and so many others that train sales professionals. If you qualified clients before you invested all your time into a potential client like the Mortgage Industry and Automobile Industry, you would know if the time you are going to invest into that client will be well spent. You wouldn’t sell a $2.5 million dollar home to a single man or woman who makes $30k a year, right? or you wouldn’t extend credit to someone with a FICO of 500 or someone who has a history of late payments, right? Selling in today’s market is all about identifying your target audience whether you are running ads on Google, Facebook; etc. or even if you are generating leads the traditional way of cold calling over the phone or in person. Sometimes as sales professionals we are just fishing for anyone to take the bait and bite, we spend all that time reeling the big catch in and then after fighting tooth and nail to pull it in, they bite the line and escape. If you ever gone fishing and have been through this experience, it’s one of the worse. Ask me about my fight with a 20lb. rainbow that took me an hour to reel in just to watch it swim away 3 ft. from my hands. Qualify like your life depended on it and you’ll see first hand, you’ll increase your selling time and prevent the headaches and heartbreaks.

Follow Up or Fall Out

Now that you qualified your potential clients, the ones that have not bought your products or service fall into your follow up file. What is your game plan when following up with prospects? Do you have a timeline goal to close these deals? What plan do you have in place for each follow-up call? Each follow up call should progress to the close not an attempt to close each time you follow up. The client who doesn’t buy on the initial call needs to be courted through different touch points. Have a strategy put into place and execute with precision. Maybe your first follow-up touch point will be an email or text with a link to  your strongest testimonial, video or newsletter or maybe it will be an exclusive offer. The whole concept of follow up or fall out is you either get them closer to the close or you push them out of your priority list. 

Implement these two steps and you will notice a difference in the amount of selling time you now have to generate more leads, more business and more commissions.