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Increase Your Website’s Conversion

I’ve been in marketing and advertising for over 15 years and the one question I get more than others from business owners is how can I convert more traffic that lands on my website? Is there a strategy to this? Yes! Aren’t all websites created equal?  No! The truth about websites is a website should be the center of your marketing universe and it is the cornerstone to your online business. If you have a website and you are not happy with the results then pay attention to these points I’m going to share with you.

First and foremost know what you’re dealing with in regards to traffic.

The 8 Seconds Rule

The 8 seconds rule states that 50% of the traffic that will visit your website will leave your website within the first 8 seconds. It’s true! Break out your phone and set your timer for 8 seconds…this is how quick you are losing potential clients and money. Why are potential clients leaving in the first 8 seconds? The first reason is that online consumers have a very short attention span so they expect to find information quickly and easily. They don’t want to thumb through pages of content looking for a solution to their problem. The other reason why people leave your site within 8 seconds is because you. Yes I said it…you as the business owner don’t think like an online consumer. If you are trying to attract an online consumer than you need to think, act and search like an online consumer. If you don’t get this down…you will always lose money in the online space.

4 Website Requirements

There are 4 website requirements that are key to increasing your website’s conversion by influencing a online consumers behavior which ultimately will lead into business. 

Call to Action Statements

Call to Action statements of the past is not what I’m talking about such as “call us now”, “call us today”, “call us for a free quote”; etc. These may have been effective 15-20 years ago but as we’ve been exposed to these sayings day in and day out in all forms of media, we hear it on the radio and see it on TV, we see it on flyers and mailers and even online. So, what can you do today to capture important information from potential clients? Most online traffic that lands on your website will not make a purchase or call on the first visit so what can you do to ensure you create a stickiness with them? It’s called “permission based selling.” Permission Based Selling is you asking an online consumer for information such as name, email address and cell phone number. Keep the information that you are asking for, short and to the point. What’s the reason for this? Now, you have “lead” information to follow up with whether you are sending out a newsletter, video, offer or marketing piece.  Automatic pipeline and your website is doing the work!

Landing Pages built to Convert

Only 2-3 pages of your website needs to be used for informational purposes only such as your home page, about us and contact us page. Every other page needs to be focused on your “profit centers.” Your profit centers are your highest profit services or products you offer that need to highlight. Each page needs to be built with marketing rich content. It’s not about throwing content and photos on a page. You need to put careful thought and make sure that the content on your site is answering the questions of your potential clients. The aesthetics and content on the front of your website plays a part in converting but the back of your website needs to be built and formatted correctly for Google to crawl your webpage. Where most business owners go wrong is not knowing if the back of their site has the proper title tags and meta description. Title tags is like a chapter of a book so it will let Google know what to expect on that page. Title tags should be who you are, what you do and your geographic area.

Video Increases Customer Engagement

Video is a powerful tool to increase customer engagement which is important. E-Marketer says that online consumers spend an average of an hour and 18 minutes watching video each day. In 2015, video accounted for 64% of all consumer internet traffic and it’s expected to rise in 2017 to 69%. Online consumers are influenced by what we see and hear and video is the perfect tool to get your message out to your ideal client in the short amount of time you have to turn a browser into a buyer and get someone from the beginning of a buying cycle closer to the end of a buying cycle. Video increases your dwell time to 2 minutes so if you are looking to increase your conversion…lights..camera…action!

Mobile Compatible Website

We all know the importance of having a mobile compatible site, it may just be more important than your desktop version. Last year in April, Google released their mobile algorithm that focused on boosting mobile sites in their mobile search results. What this means is if you don’t have a mobile compatible site, then you are not relevant. Also, Google has made it a priority to tag mobile friendly sites to tell online consumers the choices they are highlighting will create a greater user experience for the end user which means not having to pinch and pull, trying to call the number on the site by memorizing it or looking at squint print. Life is so much easier when you can scroll a mobile friendly site and hit a click to call button, send an email or get directions with the swipe of your thumb.
Knowing that Google is making these changes, shouldn’t you follow suit as a small business? Of course you should!

I hope you got value from this article. The online space is quickly evolving and if you don’t evolve with it, unfortunately you will be left behind. For more articles follow my blog and much success in 2016!